UberIf your looking for car accessories, clothing,magnets to put on your car etc. for your uber business we have it here or if you just want to represent uber then that’s fine to.

Uber is a professional ride share service that is blowing regular taxi companies out of the water. Look professional be professional, make customers remember you in a good way.

As a uber driver it would be good if you have different phone charger plugs for your passengers, preferably the most common ones like the apple lighting charger and the micro usb charger. Also you can get rating signs that can tell a customer how to rate you based on the service you provided and what you had available in the car for the passenger.

If you look the part and dress the part as an uber driver you will be remembered more and your passengers will be more inclined in leaving you a good rating later on when they are asked to rate the trip, you can also get LED uber signs for your vehicle so passengers and people can identify that your uber. The average person is almost always wanting a bottle of water so why not have bottles of water available in your vehicle or even some gum and breath mints for your passengers.

Its also advisable to have throw up bags for those moments where a passenger may have just had to much to drink that night. Along with a hand held vacuum to clean up crumbs and food messes that a passenger may have just created in your car.

As the uber driver you want to be prepared for as much as you can be with the different types of passengers you will have.

If anyone feels like there could be more added to this web store email me your thoughts.